Architecture is important, but it’s not the complete story. It never has been. It never will be.

Every outstanding building ever constructed has three important components – great architectural Design, uncompromising management of Quality, and exception economic Value for its owner.

At RKETEK (pronounced Architect), we use a team based process of Integrated Project Delivery to produce great Design, uncompromising Quality, and exceptional Value on every project we work on.

Our firm is comprised of talented and experienced individuals – experts in design, development and construction management – experts trained in architectural and interior design, engineering, site planning and landscaping, financial planning, real estate development, cost management and construction management. 

We look forward to showing you how the talented members of the RKETEK team can provide total integrated and sustainable solutions for your next building project.

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The End is to Build Well

Writers on architecture and construction from the dawn of history agree that a complete building is more than great architectural design.  Roman Architect Vitruvius stated it before the birth of Christ. English Architect Sir Henry Wotton restated Vitruvius in 1624 as “the end is to build well – well building hath three conditions – firmness, commodity, and delight”.

Today, we translate firmness, commodity and delight as unrelenting attention to detail in building quality, economic value and “bang for the buck” in the materials and systems we choose, and functional and aesthetically pleasing architectural design. 

Not much has changed in the delivery approach to buildings since Roman times, but surprisingly few companies focus on delivering all three critical conditions to their customers. There are some outstanding architectural firms; likewise many quality construction companies exist; but businesses that specialize in both of these conditions, while also providing value to their clients are few and far between. Unlike most others, RKETEK is able to provide all three necessary conditions to its clients.

At RKETEK, our ultimate goal is to Build Well for you. The team at RKETEK has more than a hundred years of collective experience in delivering all necessary aspects of successful projects – quality, value and great design – on every project we produce. 



Our staff has completed more than 200 religious projects including historic restorations, renovations, building additions, and new facilities throughout the country.

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Our portfolio includes an extensive variety of public and private community based projects including libraries, police stations, municipal courts, office buildings, banks, grocery stores, hotels and resorts, restaurants, medical and dental facilities, community theatres and auditoria, and museums.

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Since 1985, our staff has designed and built more that 50 private and public educational projects throughout the upper Midwest.


Green and Brown Fields

Our staff includes recognized leaders in Green and Sustainable Design as well as the development of former Brownfield sites. We are recognized with Awards in these areas of expertise.